Thursday, June 28, 2012

More About the Fortnight for Religious Freedom

Here are a couple of the posts that inspired my "Fortnight for Religious Freedom" from the other day:
    The Scratching Post: Viva Cristo Rey
    Mut on Canto Talk Radio Catholics and California Rebel

And if you are not a regular reader of the Scratching Post or the Temple of Mut, I highly recommend that you bookmark both and stop by them regularly. KT Cat usually has some interesting and insightful things there. And some good cheezburgers! And Mut's observations are spot on--and you get a little dose of Egyptology in the bargain. It's all win-win-win!


Here's another link on the topic, at another great blog:
    Fortnight for Freedom at Secular Apostate

And just because the fortnight will be coming to a close next week does not mean the end of the fight. This infringement on our freedom of religion needs to be fought against until victory. And we must continue to struggle to maintain our rights that our Constitution guarantees. Do whatever you can!!!


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K T Cat said...

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